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Song Critique Service
Professional Critiques:
You'll get the same feedback our staff writers get when they bring us a song. Mail us your payment of $25 for one song, $40 for two songs, or $50 for three songs, on CD or by email, along with a typed lyric sheet.
Song Critique

  Where to send:
Song Critique Service
530 Virginia Ave.                        Joplin MO 64801
Email Songs & Lyric Sheets
One song & lryic sheet per email please.
Demo's & Masters: Whether you just need a demo for one song, or a whole project as an artist we can take care of it from start to finish. We can set you up with songs, charts, studios, CD replication, producers, and even web design. There are a lot of cut rate companies making demo's. That's not us. We approach every song like it will be played on the radio tomorrow. Want something solid? Contact us: Email Us

I wrote this song in 10 minutes!    We know

My Brother in-law made our demo!    We know

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