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Second City Music Group
We have all the pieces in place. To get songs recorded it takes a complete team of professionals. It all starts with the song. Making sure that lyrics, melodies, hooks, and demo's are perfect. Then our song pluggers work daily to get your songs heard by record labels. After a song is recorded we have the personnel to handle the administration of your royalties. A complete top to bottom strategy.
Film & TV
Worldwide: Our songs have been featured   in HBO, VH1, CMT, and Broadway Shows. We aggressively solicit film and TV worldwide.
Primarily Country & Christian: That has been our bread and butter over the years but we increasingly need all types of music for films & TV.
Song Plugging
In person: We don't just drop songs off at the receptionist. We have daily in person meetings with major record labels and producers.
We have three companies. Second City Publishing ASCAP, Three Songs to The Wind BMI, and Digital Planet SESAC.
co-writing appointments
Introductions: We help our writers meet other pro writers for appointments and support.
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